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Empty Wooden and Plastic Boxes/Carrying Cases

Artists Plastic Carrying boxes

We stock a selection of plastic carrying boxes and Art Bins. The boxes listed below are examples as stock is subject to change/availability. 

Daler Rowney Empty Caddy Box

Empty storage box in transparent tinted plastic15.25


ArtBin Two tray | Tough Black Plastic, two hinged trays plus base compartment. L:31bm, W:18cm, H:14cm16.95
ArtBin Sidekick | Transparent White Plastic.Includes top lid storage and lift out tray. L:38cm, W:25cm, H:13cm21.50

Plastic Art Boxes

A robust art box made from plastic (slate blue in colour with red fixings) with lift out tray. 
Large AB -005 | With removable double waterpot and soft grip handle36.5 x 17 x 16cm20.00

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