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Bound Books/notebooks & journals


Moleskine Notebooks

The legendary notebook of Van Gogh & Matisse, Hemingway & Chatwin. Each book has a black cover with a pocket in the back, a page marker & is fastened shut with a band.PPHBMN.jpg

Drawing Sketchbook

14 x 9cm11.95
13 x 21cm15.95

Watercolour Notebook

14 x 9cm11.95
13 x 21cm15.95

Hand Book Journal Co.

Hand-bound, containing 128 pages of heavyweight acid-free buff drawing paper with a good tooth. Great for pen & ink, pencil, and markers. Accepts light watercolour washes without buckling. Wrapped up with a durable elastic closure.

sizes listed in inches'

Pocket Landscape

3.5 x 5.510.95

Pocket Portrait

5.5 x 3.510.95

Large Portrait

8.25 x 5.515.85

Large Landscape

5.5 x 8.2515.85


5.5 x 5.513.85

Italian Leather Notebooks

Bound in brown leather, with cream coloured paper.130 sheetsPPHBIN.jpg
Small: 9 x 13cm43.00
Medium: 12 x 17cm63.00
Large: 15 x 20cm72.00

Italian Bound Books with Marbled Covers

130 sheets. Hardback cover, covered with hand marbled paper. Each cover has its own distinctive character with different colour marbled patterns based on one dominant colour: blue, brown, green or red. The spine is made from brown leather. Smooth ivory coloured lightweight paper.itmarbk.jpg


cover size 18 x 13cm49.00


Cover size 22 x 15.5cm60.50


Cover size 25 x 18cm69.00

Fabriano Venezia Books

200gsm, 48 sheets. 100% woodfree, surface sized, acid free. Casebound, stitched, page marker. Covered with red and off white patterned paper with a deep red spinevenebk.jpg
10 x 15cm9.65
15 x 23cm14.80
23 x 30cm21.40

Fabriano Bouquet

Assortment of 7 notebooks each containing a different paper quality and bound with bright coloured covers. 40 sheets per book.Papers include: Felt marked, Embossed, Parchment, Vellum, Laid 
10 x 14cm15.30

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