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Paint for China and Glass

Pebeo Porcelaine 150

A unique range of thermohardening colours for use on all thermostable surfaces such as china, crockery, ceramic, baked clay, glass, metal and copper. The paints can be hardened in a domestic oven and are durable when dry. They are waterbased and have a gloss finish. 

Porcelaine 150 Paint - bottle

citrine, Marseille yellow, saffron, agate, coral, scarlet, ruby, opaline pink, fuchia, tourmaline, garnet, etruscan red, amethyst parma, azurite, lapis, ming blue, sapphire, emerald, turquoise, peacock blue, petroleum blue, opaline blue, opaline green, clay green, malchite, olivine, bronze, amazonite, ivory, gold, vermeil, copper, pewter.

Porcelaine 150 Outliners - tube

Tubes with a nozzle - use to create raised lines. Can be used in conjunction with 150 Porcelaine paint. colours: Marseille yellow, coral, tourmaline, ming blue, bronze, anthracite, gold, vermeil, copper, pewter20ml4.15

Porcelaine 150 Mediums

Matt Medium | Mix with Porcelaine 150 to obtain matt effects.45ml bottle4.65
Gloss Medium | Mix with Porcelaine 150 to obtain pastel colours.45ml bottle4.65
Filler Undercoat | To prepare porous surfaces before applying Porcelaine 15045ml bottle4.65

Porcelaine 150 - Discovery Kit

Small set, Contains: 4 x 20ml assorted bottles of colour, 1 x 20ml tube gold outliner, 1 x brush & instructional guide.9.95

Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Markers

Variety of colours
Single pen4.15

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