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Craft-Paints & Glitter

Paint for China and Glass

Pebeo Vitrail

Solvent based colour for use on glass, plastic and metal. Quick drying. 

Vitrail Transparent Colour - bottle

Deep blue, Brown, Crimson, Emerald, Yellow, Black, Orange, Turquiose, Chartreuse, Red Violet, White, Pink, Greengold, Lemon, Violet, Purple, Sand, Oild Pink, Salmon, Parma, Apple Green, Dark Green, Sky blue, Coblat blue, Gold, Pearl

Vitrail Cerne Relief Outliner - tube

For outlining the design to be painted. Colours: Black, Vermeil gold, Copper, Imitation lead, Gold, King gold, Silver20ml4.15

Vitrail Lightening Medium

Used to create lighter tones without reducing the quality or consistency of the colour45ml4.65

Vitrail Dilutant - Odourless Mineral Spirit

For diluting Vitrail Colours75ml4.05

Vitrail Mediums

Glitter Medium | Can be mixed with the colours to obtain bright and sparkling effects45ml4.65
Matt Medium | Mixed with the colours to obtain a matt finish, a frosted effect45ml4.65

Vitrail Set Discovery Collection

Contains: 6 assorted 20ml bottle: gold, crimson, lemon, orange, chatreuse, sky blue9.95

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