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Fabric Painting

Deka Silk Fabric Paint

Fabric paint for white and light coloured fabrics. Colours are intermixable, non toxic, waterbased. Suitable for silk and cotton. 


pastel yellow, lemon, golden yellow, mandarin, orange, scarlet, magenta, claret, rosewood, salmon, flamingo, rose, pink, cyclamen, wine, lavender, amethyst, violet, aubergine, plum, sky blue, cornflower, azure, blue, smoke blue, ultramarine, petrol, turquoise, opal, mint, jade, light green, green, deep green, olive, leaf green, pistachio, sand, ochre, rust, chestnut, sienna, dark brown, silver grey, black
45ml bottle4.40

Outliner - bottle with nozzle

Universal outliner for silk paints. Outliners can be heatset. Coloured outliners are then washable and dry cleanable. Clear outliner can be washed out in warm water after setting. Colours: clear, gold, silver, copper.

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