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Fabric Painting Mediums and Ancillaries


Aquarella - Eliza Turks Florentine Medium

Medium adapted to facilitate painting in watercolour on fabric without sizing (Also can be used on unsized paper, ivory, terracotta and wood). Prevents running of colours on even the most loosely woven fabric.

Ormaline Fabric Medium

Medium for mixing with bronze powders when used on fabric - Please see the Gilding section of our website for list of bronze powders.
Small bottle 60ml6.50
Large bottle 250ml15.50

Liquitex Fabric Medium

To mix with acrylic paint when used for fabric painting.118ml5.70

Tjanting Needles - Batik Pens

Various sizes

Silk Pins

100 pins per box1 lb2.20

Empty Applicator Bottles

Variety in stock 

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