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Craft Paints


Appli Glue

Permanent washable waterbased glue for foiling and decoration on card, glass, fabric, wood, leather and most surfaces. Comes in squeezy bottle so can be used directly for raise patterns etc.appliglue.jpg

Available in selection of colours and effects

At Green and Stone we stock a selection of the colours which are listed below. Colours not listed are available special order in packs of 3 bottles only. A shade card of the full range is available. pillar box red, clear, lavender(glitter), bronze(pearl), French navy(pearl), sweet green, Chelsea blue, night sky, silver fox(pearl), pretty pink(pearl), mink(pearl), bright gold(glitter), silver(glitter), iridescent(glitter), mustard(glitter), sea green(glitter), strawberry ice, crystal disco, crystal firefly.30ml3.00

Shade Card

Showing samples of 50 colours. Colours not listed above available special order in packs of 3 bottles only.1.00

Green and Stone Lustre Paint

This range of paints, made with mica, have a metallic sheen that catch the light giving a shimmering effect. Acrylic waterbased paint for walls, furniture, fabric and crafts.

link to colour chart


pearlescent, silver, gold, yellow, sunset red, crimson, ameythst, blue, sapphire, aqua, lime, bronze.50ml pot3.95

Green and Stone Fluorescent Paint

This range of waterbased paint has high visibility with a strong impact when used under ultraviolet light.

link to colour chart


blue, yellow, green, orange, pink50ml pot3.95

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