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Glitter and Special Effect Paint


Loose Glitter


Green and Stone glitter

Very good quality glitter, suitable for mixing into mediums. Available in; Gold, Silver or Sparkle.
Plastic pot50ml7.95

Green and Stone Glitter Paint

Fine quality glitter mixed with an acrylic medium to create a glitter waterbased paint. Ideal for walls (ideal for stencilling), floors, fabrics.glitpaint.jpg

standard colours

ameythst, blue, gold, green, maroon, multi, red, silver50ml pot4.30

disco colours

disco blue, disco green, disco pink, disco yellow

link to colour chart
50ml pot4.30

iridescent colours

sparkle, multi sparkle, pink sparkle50ml pot4.30

Green and Stone Mica Flakes

Ground mica stone, can be mixed with acrylic mediums (see artists acrylic mediums in the waterbased paints and mediums section of the website) or used as a glitter. 


silver, black, gold
50ml pot4.45

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