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Watercolour Sheets

Watercolour papers


Watercolour Paper Sample Pack

Green and Stone | 9 sheets. One each of Arches: H.P, Not, Rough, Fabriano Artistico: H.P, Not, Rough, Saunders Waterford: H.P, Not, Rough. Sheet size approx: 38 x 28cm.
Please check for availability.
Hot Press Watercolour | Papers (Particularly suitable for Botanical Illustration) Contains 2 sheets each of Arches, Fabriano Artistico, Fabriano Artistico Extra White, Saunders Waterford. Sheet size approx: 38 x 28cm.
Please check for availability.


100% cotton rag, 4 deckle edges, acid free, very strong & recommended for water colour, gouache, acrylics & inks.

Available in: Rough, Not (cold pressed), Hot Pressed.
Rough, Not or Hot Press185gsm 56 x 76cm4.35
Rough, Not or Hot Press300gsm 56 x 76cm6.85
Rough or Not640gsm 56 x 76cm14.00
Rough or Not850gsm 56 x 76cm18.35
Rough or Not640gsm 75 x 105cm25.70
Hot Press356gsm 65 x 102cm12.10
Roll | Available in HP, Not, or Rough. Subject to availability (special order)300gsm 113 x 915cm154.30

Fabriano Artistico

Acid free, 100% cotton rag, mould made, 2 deckle edges.

Traditional White shade available in all surfaces and weights. New Extra white shade available in selected surfaces and weights.

Rough | Traditional White shade only200gsm 56 x 76cm2.95
Cp/Hp | Traditional white shade only200gsm 56 x 76cm2.95
Rough | Traditional White or Extra White shade300gsm 56 x 76cm4.40
Cp/Hp | Traditional White or Extra White Shade300gsm 56 x 76cm4.40
Rough, Not (cold pressed), Hot Pressed | Rough & Not Traditional White shade only. Hot Pressed Traditional White or Extra White shade640gsm 56 x 76cm9.75

Saunders Waterford

100% rag cotton, gelatin tub sized, acid free, mould made with 4 deckle edges. Rough, Not (cold pressed), Hot Pressed. 
190gsm 56 x 76cm3.05
300gsm 56 x 76cm4.80
425gsm 56 x 76cm7.05


Watercolour & drawing cartridge, wood free, acid free, internally sized & trimmed edges. Not (cold pressed) surface only. 56 x 76cm. 

Bockingford Rolls

1.52 x 10m. Special order only. 
1.52 x 10m190gsm92.15
1.52 x 10m300gsm130.25

Bockingford Tinted

Cream, Blue, Eggshell, Grey & Oatmeal. Not surface. 56x76cm.300gsm2.75

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