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Handmade & Decorative Paper


Other Handmade Paper


Egyptian Papyrus

Handmade in the traditional manner using papyrus reeds
30 x 40cm4.80

Japanese Paper



Machine-made, part Kozu, long soft fibres, slightly smooth on one side, light tan. 57gsm 25 x 38cm3.95

Lens Tissue

Machine-made, 100% Manila Hemp, pH8, Long soft fibres, white9gsm 49 x 76cm0.90

Tosa Washi

Machine-made, neutral pH, slightly one-sided, natural white, crisp, strong28gsm 63 x 94cm3.50

Decorative paper

Green & Stone stocks a variety of decorative papers. 

English Hand Marbled papers

Variety of ever changing designs in beautiful colours and patterns
Prices range from

Tissue - Acid Free

White only. 75 x 100cm, 17gsm 
(special order)Pack of 480 sheets43.20

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