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Ocaldo Ready Mixed Poster Colour

A range of bright, opaque water based paints with a rich flowing consistency suitable for large scale picture making.
Black, brilliant blue, brilliant green, brilliant red, brilliant yellow, burnt sienna, crimson, lemon, orange, sky blue & white.
600ml bottle2.00
Gold, silver, steel, copper
284ml bottle2.50
Fluorescent colours 300ml1.85

Jakar Poster Paint Sets

Ages 3+
Sets of six 22ml pots
Available in four different colour selections
Basic | Dark blue, red, dark green, brown, black & white5.50
Bold | Light green, magenta, orange, turquoise, yellow & purple5.50
Metallic | 2 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze & 1 copper6.60
Pearlescent | White, yellow, green, blue, purple & red6.60

Pebeo Primacolor Poster Colour

Poster paint (liquid Gouache). Can be used pure or diluted with water. 
Primacolor Discovery Kit | Box of twelve 20 ml pots. White, yellow, magenta, cyan, spring green, black, emerald green, yellow ochre, raw sienna, violet, vermillion, carmine.9.50
Primacolor One Metre Case | Fun metre long box contains 20 pots of 20ml size assorted paints, 3 brushes and 1 palette.15.00

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