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Pebeo Paint for Children

The Pebeo brand has been associated with childrens creative products for more than fifty years. Produced in collaboration with teachers and artists new innovative paints are now available in sets. 

Pebeo Tactilcolor - 3D Bubble

Tactilcolor - 3D Bubble is mousse-like in consistency. It does not drip and is ideal for creating texture. Children can paint freely with thick and thin layers on all horizontal and vertical surfaces (except fabrics) including recyclable objects (eg. cardboard plates and plastic bottles). It's bright colours remain 3D when dry and are light and airy. Suitable for children 3yrs and up. 
Classic Assortment | 6 x 100ml pot. Yellow, Red, Dark Blue, Light Green, White, Black + leaflet20.00
Pearl Assortment | 6 x 100ml pot. Gold, Silver, Pearl Turquiose, Pearl Pink, Pearl Green, Pearl Red + leaflet25.00

Pebeo Prima Magic

Specially formulated to allow the different shades not to diffuse one into the other when mixed, this transparent tempera is also suitable for the folding technique, making attractive prints. Can be applied on paper, card etc. Tools and hands can be washed with soapy water.  
Discovery Kit | Six 20ml jars. Yellow, light red, blue, spring green, white, gold.4.95

Pebeo Sparkling Gel

Coloured transparent gel composed of a large quantity of iridescent glitter. Once dry the colours have a sparkly, bright finish. Waterbased but thinning is not recommended as the addition of water will diminish the sparkly finish. Materials and skin can be washed in soapy water. 
Glitter Discovery Set | 6 x 20ml pots. Yellow, red, blue, green, pink, violet4.95

Pebeo Glitter Paint

Ready to use glitter paint.  
Glitter Paint Discovery | Set of 6 x 20ml pots. Yellow, red pink, violet, turquoise, green.6.95

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