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Giotto Be-be Super Fibre Pens

Jumbo fibre tipped pens suitable for very young children.
Super-washable (both from hands and clothes), dermatologically tested.
Ventilated, choke-proof caps, child-proof stopper and extra-strong, tight-fitting nib (5mm diameter).
Set of 65.75
Set of 1211.50

Caran D'ache Fancolor Maxi Fibre Tipped Pens

Water-soluble, washable ink. Food colouring based colours, will not dry out for one week if the tops are left off.
Pen tip is resistant to pressure, supple and will not fray.
Wallet of 10 15.75
Wallet of 15 23.00

Faber Castell Connector Pens

Suitable for 3+. These lovely bright coloured pens clip together which makes them easy to keep in one place and means they can also be used as a constructive toy. The ink is made from water and food dyes (except fluorescent colours). Can be washed out of most fabrics.
Wallet10 clip pens4.35
Wallet20 clip pens7.40
Tub50 clip pens15.00



Lyra Ferby

Particularly suitable for younger artists and left-handers.
Chunky coloured pencil, lengthy 12cm, 10mm diameter, triangular shape.
Wood-sealed end. Highly pigmented, extra thick, break-resistant lead, diameter 6.25mm.
Not water-soluble.
Single Pencil 0.87
Set of 6 | Unlaquered plain wood casing, in cardboard packaging.5.25
unlacquered, natural casing.Set of 1210.50
Set of 18 | Plasic tube of laquered ferbys, coloured casing.15.75

Giotto Stillnovo Acquarell Pencil Sets

Hexagonal pencil with a 3.3mm size watersoluble coloured lead. Diameter of hexagon casing 6.8mm. Easy to sharpen. Ideal for school with space for child's name. Three sizes of tin.
Tin of 125.20
Tin of 249.40
Tin of 3613.60



Giotto Be-be Unbreakable Supercrayons

Washable, strong and dermatologically tested, these unbreakable jumbo crayons are excellent for young children.
Set of 10 | contains sharpener4.70



Giotto Robercolor Blackboard Chalk

Round, anti-dust, coated chalk made of genuine chalk from the French region of Champagne.
Leaves no traces of dust on hands. Lively colours and good covering power.
Box of 10 | White2.00
Box of 10 | Assorted colours2.65

Chalk Accessories



Natural slate chalk-board set in a wooden frame. Double sided, one side is grdded
Small 18 x 24cm3.95
Large 24 x 34cm9.35

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