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Lyra Ferby

Particularly suitable for younger artists and left-handers.
Chunky coloured pencil, lengthy 12cm, 10mm diameter, triangular shape.
Wood-sealed end. Highly pigmented, extra thick, break-resistant lead, diameter 6.25mm.
Not water-soluble.
Single Pencil 0.87
Set of 6 | Unlaquered plain wood casing, in cardboard packaging.5.25
unlacquered, natural casing.Set of 1210.50
Set of 18 | Plasic tube of laquered ferbys, coloured casing.15.75

Giotto Stillnovo Acquarell Pencil Sets

Hexagonal pencil with a 3.3mm size watersoluble coloured lead. Diameter of hexagon casing 6.8mm. Easy to sharpen. Ideal for school with space for child's name. Three sizes of tin.
Tin of 125.20
Tin of 249.40
Tin of 3613.60

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