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Da Vinci Primo Brushes

'The brush for learning how to paint'
Extremely resistant to hair loss.
Short handles varnished with water-based lacquer. Handle is flattened for a good grip and to prevent rolling.
With red or blue handles
Series 5335 - Synthetic Round Brush 3.00
Series 5336 - Synthetic Flat Brush 3.30
Series 5337 - Bristle Round Brush 2.00
Series 5335 - Bristle Flat Brush 2.20

Giotto Brushes

Chubby brushes with brightly coloured plastic handles0.95



Plastic Palettes

Plastic Block Palette | 6 wells215 x 145mm x 22mm deep2.45
Non-Spill Paint Pot | Ideal for paint or water, designed not to spill if knocked over.90mm height, 70mm diameter1.00

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