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Childrens Art & Craft

Craft Materials

All materials are for children over 3 years of age. 



Washable PVA

Suitable for numerous adhesive and craft applications for bonding paper, card and other absorbent materials. 

Ocavin Medium & Adhesive

PVA general purpose adhesive. Can also be added to Readymixed and other waterbased colours to create a more water-resistant paint. Also an economical varnish. 
170ml 2.20
30 x 40cm4.30


Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Available in packets 

Chenille Stems

Multicultural Pack of 1003.20
Striped | Assorted coloursPack of 1004.25
Multicoloured Pack of 251.30
Glitter | Assorted metallic, coloured.Pack of 251.30

Craft Sticks

Wooden lolly sticks are ideal for construction projects, making 3D models or combining with paper to make hand-held puppets. Alternatively, simply use as stirring sticks or paste spreaders.crafstic.jpg

Plain Sticks

Standard | Pack of 100108 x 10mm2.30
Jumbo | Pack of 100165 x 20mm3.85



White Masks

Made from biodegradable cane fibre. Includes attached head elastics. Decorate with paint, markers, crayons and collage materials 
Half Face Mask 1.10
Full Face Mask 1.35

Teach Me Range

White card cut shapes to give an interesting base for colouring, collage etc.teac.jpg

Dress-Up Glasses

Pack of 16 pieces, 3 assorted designs3.00

Girl Doll Fold-Ups

Pack of 164.00

Boy Doll Fold-Ups

Pack of 164.00

Assorted Animal Masks

Pack of 16, 5 different designs, rabbit, butterfly, elephant, monkey, cow5.00


Pack of 16, 5 different designs5.00

Fairy Tale

Pack of 16. 5 different designs; Unicorn, castle, fairy, magic wand, crown5.00


Pack of 16 different designs5.00


16 pieces. 5 different designs. Fishes, whale, seahorse, crab.5.00


16 white card pieces. 5 different designs; spaceships, rocket, moon, star.4.00


Pack of 16 white card butterfly shape pieces for decorating (All the same shape)5.00

Wraparound Angel

Pack of 25 cut white card pieces - Available Autumn/Christmas only.3.65



Creativity Plastic Jewels

Pack of plastic imitation jewels with foil backs. Each packet has a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.approx 70g3.60

Wiggly Eyes

Packets of plastic cartoon eyes for doll making, card making etc.eyes.jpg


10mm Wiggly Eyes | Black and white5gm pack1.30
7mm Wiggly Eyes | Black and White5gm pack1.30

Wiggly Eyes Stack

Made up of 5 transparent, stacked pots with assorted size wiggly eyes. Contains: round 5mm, 7mm, 10mm and 15mm diameter and Oval 20mm eyes. All black and white.560 eyes7.65



Assorted Packets

Available in four different selections. 
Assorted Pom-poms | Brightly coloured, assorted colours and sizes25 pieces1.30
Mini Pom-poms | Brightly coloured assorted small pom-poms. Approx. 1cm diameter.25 pieces1.30
Animal Pom-poms | Assorted size, mixture of white, beige, brown and black15 pieces1.30
Pastel Pom-poms | Assorted pastel shades in a variety of sizes.35 pieces1.30

Stars and Sequins



Gold and silver stars | Approx 1cm. 12gm pack1.30

Creative Essentials

Various packs of decorative craft items  

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