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Craft Materials

Teach Me Range

White card cut shapes to give an interesting base for colouring, collage etc.teac.jpg

Dress-Up Glasses

Pack of 16 pieces, 3 assorted designs3.00

Girl Doll Fold-Ups

Pack of 164.00

Boy Doll Fold-Ups

Pack of 164.00

Assorted Animal Masks

Pack of 16, 5 different designs, rabbit, butterfly, elephant, monkey, cow5.00


Pack of 16, 5 different designs5.00

Fairy Tale

Pack of 16. 5 different designs; Unicorn, castle, fairy, magic wand, crown5.00


Pack of 16 different designs5.00


16 pieces. 5 different designs. Fishes, whale, seahorse, crab.5.00


16 white card pieces. 5 different designs; spaceships, rocket, moon, star.4.00


Pack of 16 white card butterfly shape pieces for decorating (All the same shape)5.00

Wraparound Angel

Pack of 25 cut white card pieces - Available Autumn/Christmas only.3.65

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