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Craft Materials/Sets

Our Craft section contains many interesting and varied products. As well as a full range of craft paints and varnishes, we also stock, beautifully patterned Japanese origami paper, seagrass and a full range of everything needed for Decoupage.  

Assorted Decorations, Magnets and Feathers

At Green and Stone we stock a variety of of products for decorating craft projects. These are constantly changing as new items become available etc. Listed below is a sample of our stock. 

Felt Pieces


Various Colours

20 x 30cm0.55


Packs of assorted Natural or Coloured feathers. Variety in stock 

Metallic Foils

Decorative metallic foils applied with Appli Glue. Fun foils create a shiny metallic finish to 'Appli Glue' designs on fabrics, glassware, paper, card, and most other surfaces. It is ready to use and fully washable up to 40 degrees. 
Pack contains 4 small sheets of assorted colours. A variety of colour selections available.sheet size 20 x 15cm3.50

'Billet Doux'Sweet Notes

Create your own designer greetings cards. Packet contains 3 cards and envelopes, a selection of fabrics and accessories (eg. sequins, feathers), foils, templates and design ideas. Ideally used in conjunction with 'Appli Glue' and 'Metallic Foils' 
Available in a variety of small packs, each one based around one colour or shade.6.25

Sparkle Threads

To create sparkling iridescent webbed fabric. Fused pieces can be cut, punched, stamped and used for card decoration, collage, creative embroidery etc.glithread.jpg
Three assorted colours per packet3.65


We sell a variety of decorative papers, books and varnishes which can be used in decoupage aswell as for many other applications. 

Scraps and Wrapping Paper


Scrapbook Pictures - loose

Vintage style scraps from Germany. Thick paper 250gsm, ready cut. Designs vary according to the time of year. Each pack is based on a single theme. Eg. Butterflies, Garden Vegetables, Christmas Angels. Please check for availability 
Butterfly - Scrapbook picture loose | Our most popular seller. 18 pieces1.40

Scrapbook Pictures - Sheet

Vintage style scraps from Germany. Images based on one theme per pack on a part cut sheet. 3 sheets per pack , approximately 24 x 17cm. Paper 135gsm. We have a varying choice of designs. eg. Christmas, Horses, Cats, Angels, Roses. Among our most popular are Butterflies and Birds. 
Butterfly - Sheet 24 x 17cm3.95
Birds - Sheet 24 x 17cm3.95

Goldpapers - Stamped

Dresden trims from Germany. Embossed gold images. Repeated design. We Stock a varying selection. Amongst our most popular designs are Butterflies, Angels and Pigs.  
8 butterflies, each one is approximately 5 x 3.5cm 12 pigs, each one is approximately 4 x 1.5cm

Wrapping Paper

Variety of ever changing designs including many from museums and galleries.Approx 50 x 70cm2.70

Transfer Paper



Transfer paper which allows you to transfer your own designs/photos onto any surface. Simply photocopy your image onto Lazertran, soak the paper in water and the image slides off.  
Lazertran Any Surface - 21 x 29.7cm | For; walls, tilesd, windows, wood, stone, plaster, paper, candles and ironed onto fabric8 sheets13.00
Lazertran Any Surface - A3 size | For; walls, tiles, windows, wood, stone, plaster, paper, candles and ironed onto fabric.4 sheets13.00
Lazertarn Silk - 21 x 29.7cm sheets | For silk, satin, metal, foil and polymer clay.8 sheets13.00
Lazertran Silk - A3 size sheet | For; silk, satin, metal foil and polymer clay4 sheets13.00
Lazertran Inkjet | Waterslide decal paper for inkjet printersA4 sheets - pack of 8 

Transfer Mediums


Le Franc & Bourgeois Transcryl

A waterbased brush on transfer medium75ml9.80

Applicraft Transfer Glaze

An acrylic emulsion which binds printing inks into a waterbased plastic film. It can be used to make a transfer from almost any printed source except photos and some high gloss prints when a photocopy can be used.100ml4.95

Crackle Varnishes and Decoupage Finishes


Applicraft Decoupage Finish

Waterbased. A fast drying all in one glue and varnish/sealer.

Applicraft Crackleglaze

This is a waterbased glaze which when sandwiched between two coats of emulsion splits open the top coat revealing the colour beneath.125ml5.95

Applicraft Two-Part Craquelure

Waterbased. A two part application which reproduces the delicate effect of cracked varnish. Applicraft offers a choice of three craquelure mediums, one for small,one for medium cracking and another for larger cracks. It is the basecoat which determines the size of the cracks. 
Basecoat Small Cracks 125ml6.55
Basecoat Medium Cracks 125ml6.55
Basecoat Large Cracks 125ml6.55
Topcoat | For use with all basecoats.125ml6.55

Lefranc & Bourgeois Cracking Varnish

Temporarily Unavailable

Lefranc & Bourgeois Ageing Varnish

Temporarily Unavailable

Miscellaneous Varnishes

For more varnishes, shelllac and lacquer please see Specialist Finish section of website 

Craft Paper

To compliment our range of fine art and graphic papers we have a selection of paper especially suitable for craft projects listed below. We also stock blank cards and envelopes to be used to create handmade designs these are listed in the main paper section of the website. 

Tissue Paper


Claire Fontaine Coloured Tissue

Assorted colours. Packs of 10 sheets of a single colour. Paper is 18gsm in weight. Each sheet 50 x 75cm
pack of 10 sheets2.25

Crepe Paper


Claire Fontaine Crepe Paper

Available in assorted colours.50 x 250cm1.00

Corrugated Card


Claire Fontaine Corrugated Card Rolls

Available in assorted colours. Weight 300gsm.
50cm x 70cm2.45

Paper Rolls


Creativity Fadeless Paper Rolls

Colours: black, blue, green, pink, purple, red, white, yellow1.2 x 3.6m7.00

Brown Paper

Assorted available. 



Small Cellophane Rolls

Colours: clear, blue, green, purple, red, yellow50 x 250cm 

Large Clear Cellophane

Ideal for wrapping prints etc.77cm x 23m10.00

Coloured Paper/Card Sheets


Mirri Card

Mirror surface finish with white reverse. Colours 270gsm: silver, gold, gunmetal. Also available in a selection of holgraphic patterns 240gsm.64 x 45cm2.70

Decorative & Marbled Paper

Green & Stone stock an ever changing variety of Decorative paper ideal for craft purposes. 

Hand Marbled Papers

Variety of designs from England and Italy. Ideal for book binding, lining boxes, decoupage, card making and many other projects. 

Oragami Paper


Japanese Oragami Paper Packs

Each pack contains 24 square sheets in an assortment of plain colours and beautifully patterned designs. Available in three sizes.
10 x 10cm6.85
15 x 15cm14.15
20 x 20cm28.65

Arboreta Oiled Manilla Paper

Oiled for making stencils 
61 x 28cm0.90
61 x 56cm1.80






Selection of Colours: Apple Green, Turquoise, Black, Natural, Coffee, Lemon, Red (colours maybe subject to change)

Khadi Hemp String

Colours: natural, rose, fuchia, plum, coral, saffron, olive, green, lime, turquoise, blue
length 5m0.50



Chenille Pipe Cleaners

Various - Please contact for availability. 

Flower Press




Green & Stone Flower Press'

Available in five different sizes/shapes. Finished in two different papers: 'script' or 'marbled'. (Design of paper finish subject to change)
Small 12 x 9.5cm7.45
Square 14.3 x 14.3cm9.65
Long 27 x 14.5cm13.90
Medium 23.5 x 16.5cm12.10
Large 29 x 27cm17.35

Craft Sets




Scraperboard Set

Contents include:
6 x scraperboards 100 x 152mm
1 x cutter No.2

Large Scraperboard Set

Contents include:
6 x scraperboards 229 x 152mm
1 x cutter No. 2

Marbling Kits


Pebeo Marbling Kit

Colours for marbling on fabric, paper etc. Contents: 5 x 45ml bottles with dropper. Colours: white, lemon yellow, vermillion, emerald green, cyan blue. 1 x thickener, 1 x user guide.17.25

Metal Embossing Kits


Metal Embossing Kit

Prices vary due to weight of metal
Contents include:
1 x Sheet of metal foil (23.7 x 30.5cm)
1 x embossing tool
1 x sheet of tracing paper

Metal Embossing Tool

Length: 14cm3.25



Stencil Card/Film


Manilla Card

Oiled Arboretta paper 300gsm 
61 x 28cm1.25
61 x 56cm2.50


Transparent Acetate 
12 x 30cm0.35
30 x 60cm0.90
45 x 60cm1.20

Stencil Brushes



Selection available from Winsor & Newton and Pro Arte. 

Sponge Brushes

Sponge with wooden handle. Stock subject to change.

Sponge Rollers

3cm diameter x 5cm
One size Roller 3cm diameter x 5cm1.30


Knives are listed in this 'Craft' section of the website under there own header. 

Stencil Paint

Many different paints can be used for stencilling. Particularly suitable are 'Pelikan Plaka Paints' listed under 'General Craft Paint' and 'Markal Oil Bars' listed under 'Oil Paints and Mediums' 

Rubber Stamping


Rubber Stamps


Alphabet Stamps

We often stock sets of individual letter rubber stamps. Prices start at  

The English Stamp Company

Delightful selection of decorative rubber stamps from The English Stamp Company.

Variety of sizes and designs. Designs include; stars, animals, boats, fruit, seasonal.

Priced from

Stamp Pads & Embossing


Versa Colour Rubber Stamp Pads

Available in a variety of colours.2.5 x 2.5cm1.75

Embossing Powder

Available in a selection of effects
10gm 3.00

Embossing Heat Tool

The English Stamp Company heat tool is ideal for creating an embossed effect on many surfaces including paper, fabric and wood. Embossing powder can only be melted by a heat tool.

Embossing is very effective but simple to achieve First stamp your image using a pigment ink (Versa colour is perfect).Pour a good amount of embossing powder onto the stamped image. The excess powder which does not stick to the pigment ink can be returned to the jar. Heat the image gently with the heat gun using swirling movements so as not to scorch the surface. The powder will melt in a few seconds and create a raised effect.

Candle Making

Small selection of candle making products available. Please contact us to check stock. 



Bag of Candle Wax


Gedeo Beeswax

Highly malleable flexible wax sheets to make a variety of candle shapes. Natural yellow in colour with honey comb finish. Includes instructions.
5 x sheets 26 x 40cm27.50



Bag of Stearin


Candle Dyes


Specialist Crafts Candle Dyes

Pack of 5 colours.5.30

Gedeo Candle Colorants

pack of six assorted colours: red, blue, yellow, purple, green, orange. The colorants are rich in pigment so just a few flakes are suitable to obtain a deep colour. Colours mixable together to create a variety of shades.
6 x 9g6.25

Candlewicks and Rods


Asorted pack wicks and Rods

Small pack


Please see 'Specialist Finish' section of the website for more varnishes and resins. Readymade Picture varnishes are listed under 'Oil paints and Mediums' and 'Waterbased Paints and Mediums'. 

Spray Craft Varnish


Winsor & Newton All Purpose Aerosol Varnish

A clear varnish which provides permanent non-removable protection of craftwork. Ideal for a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, paper and modelling material.
Available in Matt or High Gloss150ml Matt7.55
150ml Gloss7.55
400ml Matt13.50
400ml Gloss13.50

Cracking Varnish


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