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Craft Materials/Sets

Assorted Decorations, Magnets and Feathers

At Green and Stone we stock a variety of of products for decorating craft projects. These are constantly changing as new items become available etc. Listed below is a sample of our stock. 

Felt Pieces


Various Colours

20 x 30cm0.55


Packs of assorted Natural or Coloured feathers. Variety in stock 

Metallic Foils

Decorative metallic foils applied with Appli Glue. Fun foils create a shiny metallic finish to 'Appli Glue' designs on fabrics, glassware, paper, card, and most other surfaces. It is ready to use and fully washable up to 40 degrees. 
Pack contains 4 small sheets of assorted colours. A variety of colour selections available.sheet size 20 x 15cm3.50

'Billet Doux'Sweet Notes

Create your own designer greetings cards. Packet contains 3 cards and envelopes, a selection of fabrics and accessories (eg. sequins, feathers), foils, templates and design ideas. Ideally used in conjunction with 'Appli Glue' and 'Metallic Foils' 
Available in a variety of small packs, each one based around one colour or shade.6.25

Sparkle Threads

To create sparkling iridescent webbed fabric. Fused pieces can be cut, punched, stamped and used for card decoration, collage, creative embroidery etc.glithread.jpg
Three assorted colours per packet3.65

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