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Craft Materials/Sets


We sell a variety of decorative papers, books and varnishes which can be used in decoupage aswell as for many other applications. 

Scraps and Wrapping Paper


Scrapbook Pictures - loose

Vintage style scraps from Germany. Thick paper 250gsm, ready cut. Designs vary according to the time of year. Each pack is based on a single theme. Eg. Butterflies, Garden Vegetables, Christmas Angels. Please check for availability 
Butterfly - Scrapbook picture loose | Our most popular seller. 18 pieces1.40

Scrapbook Pictures - Sheet

Vintage style scraps from Germany. Images based on one theme per pack on a part cut sheet. 3 sheets per pack , approximately 24 x 17cm. Paper 135gsm. We have a varying choice of designs. eg. Christmas, Horses, Cats, Angels, Roses. Among our most popular are Butterflies and Birds. 
Butterfly - Sheet 24 x 17cm3.95
Birds - Sheet 24 x 17cm3.95

Goldpapers - Stamped

Dresden trims from Germany. Embossed gold images. Repeated design. We Stock a varying selection. Amongst our most popular designs are Butterflies, Angels and Pigs.  
8 butterflies, each one is approximately 5 x 3.5cm 12 pigs, each one is approximately 4 x 1.5cm

Wrapping Paper

Variety of ever changing designs including many from museums and galleries.Approx 50 x 70cm2.70

Transfer Paper



Transfer paper which allows you to transfer your own designs/photos onto any surface. Simply photocopy your image onto Lazertran, soak the paper in water and the image slides off.  
Lazertran Any Surface - 21 x 29.7cm | For; walls, tilesd, windows, wood, stone, plaster, paper, candles and ironed onto fabric8 sheets13.00
Lazertran Any Surface - A3 size | For; walls, tiles, windows, wood, stone, plaster, paper, candles and ironed onto fabric.4 sheets13.00
Lazertarn Silk - 21 x 29.7cm sheets | For silk, satin, metal, foil and polymer clay.8 sheets13.00
Lazertran Silk - A3 size sheet | For; silk, satin, metal foil and polymer clay4 sheets13.00
Lazertran Inkjet | Waterslide decal paper for inkjet printersA4 sheets - pack of 8 

Transfer Mediums


Le Franc & Bourgeois Transcryl

A waterbased brush on transfer medium75ml9.80

Applicraft Transfer Glaze

An acrylic emulsion which binds printing inks into a waterbased plastic film. It can be used to make a transfer from almost any printed source except photos and some high gloss prints when a photocopy can be used.100ml4.95

Crackle Varnishes and Decoupage Finishes


Applicraft Decoupage Finish

Waterbased. A fast drying all in one glue and varnish/sealer.

Applicraft Crackleglaze

This is a waterbased glaze which when sandwiched between two coats of emulsion splits open the top coat revealing the colour beneath.125ml5.95

Applicraft Two-Part Craquelure

Waterbased. A two part application which reproduces the delicate effect of cracked varnish. Applicraft offers a choice of three craquelure mediums, one for small,one for medium cracking and another for larger cracks. It is the basecoat which determines the size of the cracks. 
Basecoat Small Cracks 125ml6.55
Basecoat Medium Cracks 125ml6.55
Basecoat Large Cracks 125ml6.55
Topcoat | For use with all basecoats.125ml6.55

Lefranc & Bourgeois Cracking Varnish

Temporarily Unavailable

Lefranc & Bourgeois Ageing Varnish

Temporarily Unavailable

Miscellaneous Varnishes

For more varnishes, shelllac and lacquer please see Specialist Finish section of website 

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