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Scraps and Wrapping Paper


Scrapbook Pictures - loose

Vintage style scraps from Germany. Thick paper 250gsm, ready cut. Designs vary according to the time of year. Each pack is based on a single theme. Eg. Butterflies, Garden Vegetables, Christmas Angels. Please check for availability 
Butterfly - Scrapbook picture loose | Our most popular seller. 18 pieces1.40

Scrapbook Pictures - Sheet

Vintage style scraps from Germany. Images based on one theme per pack on a part cut sheet. 3 sheets per pack , approximately 24 x 17cm. Paper 135gsm. We have a varying choice of designs. eg. Christmas, Horses, Cats, Angels, Roses. Among our most popular are Butterflies and Birds. 
Butterfly - Sheet 24 x 17cm3.95
Birds - Sheet 24 x 17cm3.95

Goldpapers - Stamped

Dresden trims from Germany. Embossed gold images. Repeated design. We Stock a varying selection. Amongst our most popular designs are Butterflies, Angels and Pigs.  
8 butterflies, each one is approximately 5 x 3.5cm 12 pigs, each one is approximately 4 x 1.5cm

Wrapping Paper

Variety of ever changing designs including many from museums and galleries.Approx 50 x 70cm2.70

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