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Studio easels


Mabef easels


Mabef Lyre Easels

Lyre Easel M/13 | Made of oiled beech wood featuring a ratchet control which adjusts the height of the canvas.Height : 155/225cm, Width : 55cm, Depth : 65cm, Max canvas height : 120cm, Weight : 5kg
Lyre Easel M/12 | Larger version of M/13. Height: 177/245cm, Width: 70cm, Depth: 86cm, Max canvas height: 135cm, Weight: 8kg
m11.jpgInclinable Lyre Easel M/11 | Made of oiled beech wood, ratchet systemHeight : 174/245cm, Width : 66cm, Depth : 76cm, Max canvas height : 135cm, Weight : 7kg180.00

Mabef H-frame easels

m10.jpgMabef M/10 | Made of oiled beech wood with ratchet system & single shelf to rest canvas on. Height : 170/236cm, Width : 53cm, Depth : 56cm, Max canvas height : 124.5cm, Weight : 9kg235.00
m09.jpgMabef M/09 | H Frame easel made of oiled beech wood. Ratchet system to adjust canvas height. Easel can be tilted and has double shelf for storage of brushes etc.Height : 170/236cm, Width : 56cm, Depth : 53cm, Max canvas height : 117cm, Weight : 10kg255.00

Mabef large studio easels

Available in oiled beechwood or darkwood veneer. Large studio easel with wind-up mechanism to adjust canvas height and storage drawers. Easel tilts and has castors which can be secured.Height : 203/305cm, Width : 71cm, Depth : 68.5cm, Max canvas height : 234cm, Weight : 31.75kg 
m04.jpgMabef M/04 | To order only - not on displayOiled Beechwood M/04995.00

Radial Easels


LEA Radial Easel

Good quality easels from the same manufacturer as the Winsor & Newton Thames easel.The easel height is 240cm (95") and weight 6.7kg.85.00

Daler Rowney Exeter Radial Easel


Weight : 7.25kg, Max canvas height : 188cm271.75

Oak Easels


Ratchet Easels

014012.jpgNo. 016 012 | Single Sided Ratchet Easel. Solid oak with ratchet systemHeight: 170cm610.00
boe2.jpgNo. 016 012 | Single Sided Ratchet Easel. Solid oak with ratchet system and castors. (pictured left)Height : 158cm, Max canvas height : 135cm, Weight : 16kg795.00
019012.jpgNo. 019 012 | Double Sided. Solid oak ratchet easel with castors

Now also available with shelf allowing "total vision" of canvas and locking pegs to prevent movement of castors
Height : 168cm, Max canvas height : 145cm, Weight : 24kg910.00
019012b.jpgNo. 019 112 | Double Sided with Drawing Board. This double sided easel is the same as No.019 012 with an attached Drawing Board on one side. The Drawing Board can be inclined to different positions. (Pictured left)

Now also available with shelf allowing "total vision" of canvas and locking pegs to prevent movement of castors
Length : 67cm, Height : 53cm1260.00

Wind up easels

001012.jpgSmall Wind-Up Easel No.001 012 | Solid oak easel with wind-up canvas height adjustment. (pictured left)
With locking castors
Height : 160cm, Max canvas height : 130cm, Weight : 21kg1645.00
002012.jpgLarge Wind-Up Easel No. 002 012 | Large solid oak easel with wind-up mechanism and castors. Height : 182cm, Max canvas height : 150cm, Weight : 28.50kg2070.00
003012.jpgInclinable Wind- Up Easel No. 003 012 | Solid oak easel with wind-up canvas height adjustment and forward inclinable motion. (pictured left)Height : 230cm, Max canvas height : 195cm, Weight : 42kg2820.00
003212.jpgDouble Sided Wind-Up Easel No. 003212 | Large double sided, solid oak wind-up easel. Ideal for large canvases. Has drawers on one side. Height : 258cm, Max canvas height : 220cm, Weight : 78kg5230.00

Walnut Easels



Solid Walnut, ideal for use as both working or display easel.
For more information and detailed images click here
Height: 200cm. Width: 60.8cm. Depth: 58cm. Max canvas size: 79cm.475.00

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