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Mabef Lyre Easels

Lyre Easel M/13 | Made of oiled beech wood featuring a ratchet control which adjusts the height of the canvas.Height : 155/225cm, Width : 55cm, Depth : 65cm, Max canvas height : 120cm, Weight : 5kg
Lyre Easel M/12 | Larger version of M/13. Height: 177/245cm, Width: 70cm, Depth: 86cm, Max canvas height: 135cm, Weight: 8kg
m11.jpgInclinable Lyre Easel M/11 | Made of oiled beech wood, ratchet systemHeight : 174/245cm, Width : 66cm, Depth : 76cm, Max canvas height : 135cm, Weight : 7kg170.00

Mabef H-frame easels

m10.jpgMabef M/10 | Made of oiled beech wood with ratchet system & single shelf to rest canvas on. Height : 170/236cm, Width : 53cm, Depth : 56cm, Max canvas height : 124.5cm, Weight : 9kg225.00
m09.jpgMabef M/09 | H Frame easel made of oiled beech wood. Ratchet system to adjust canvas height. Easel can be tilted and has double shelf for storage of brushes etc.Height : 170/236cm, Width : 56cm, Depth : 53cm, Max canvas height : 117cm, Weight : 10kg245.00

Mabef large studio easels

Available in oiled beechwood or darkwood veneer. Large studio easel with wind-up mechanism to adjust canvas height and storage drawers. Easel tilts and has castors which can be secured.Height : 203/305cm, Width : 71cm, Depth : 68.5cm, Max canvas height : 234cm, Weight : 31.75kg 
m04.jpgMabef M/04 | To order only - not on displayOiled Beechwood M/04965.00

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