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Framing Sundries


Picture Wall Hooks


Standard Wall Hooks and Pins

Brass picture hooks and steel pins with brass head. Not available individually. Each size comes boxed in a different quantity.
No.1 | 5 hooks and pins. One holeSmall1.30
No.2 | 4 hooks and pins. One holeMedium1.30
No.3 | 3 hooks and pins. Two holeLarge1.30
No.4 | 2 hooks and pins. Three holesExtra Large2.60
Pins | Steel pins with brass head sold individually.Single Pin0.10

Hard Wall Hooks ('Toly' Hooks)

White Nylon

Decorative Wall Hooks and Pins

Brassed. Available in 3 designs. For small pictures. 
frm12.jpgClassic | Fleur di lis 0.95
frm10.jpgRosa | Rose design. pack of 4pack of 44.90
frm11.jpgSole | Rosette design. pack of 4pack of 44.90

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