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Bronze & Lustre pigments


Robersons Ormoline

ormpm.jpgMetallic Paint Medium | This medium is cellulose based and recommended for use with Roberson Bronze Powders to produce a hard-wearing metallic gold paint. It can be applied on wood, metal, plaster and gesso surfaces. Mix 25g of bronze powder with 120ml of medium to make gold paint. Larger sizes available special order.
orms.jpgSealer | A vinyl resin in a solution of methylated spirit. It can be used to seal absorbent surfaces prior to the application of Ormoline gold paint . It can also be used as a protective sealer for Ormoline gold paint, bronze powders and metal leaf.
ormt.jpgMetallic Paint Thinners (cellulose) | Recommended for thinning Ormaline metallic paint medium & paints (contains Toluene)

Roberson Gilt Wax Medium

Mix with Roberson bronze powders in equal parts. Use to touch up damaged gilt and gild new surfaces, including wood, metal and plaster. As a gilt finish, apply directly onto bare wood frames, or to highlight areas on mouldings and carvings. Apply with a brush or soft cloth, and allow to dry. Buff to a sheen. A blend of fine waxes in mineral spirit. 

Robersons Universal Lacquer

Use to protect metal & silver leaf, whitegold, ormaline paint& Roberson liquid metal range.
Dries to a crystal clear satin finish.

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