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Canvas - Readymade

Recently the variety of readymade canvases on the market has increased. Traditional and more unusual modern shapes and sizes are available as well as different surfaces. We stock a wide selection of good quality canvases including; PEBEO FRAGONARD, TECHSTYLE, WINSOR & NEWTON, HANDMADE FRENCH CANVASES.

Green and Stone keep a large variety of readymade canvases in stock, however all sizes and types listed are subject to availability. If you require a particular canvas please contact us, Tel: +44 (0)20 7352 0837.

We also make up canvases to your own specification from our range of canvases off the roll.

Green & Stone Readymade Canvases

Made from our extensive range of Primed linens & cottons (see "Canvas" for canvas types)

Sizes & availability may vary, so please call us to find out what is in stock.

Canvases can be stretched any size to order. Please call us for a quote.

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